Back from honeymoon and time just flies!

I’ve been back from Honeymoon in Weymouth for just over a week now, and in that time, I have bought Deus Ex:Human Revolution and put in WAY too long on it, been to one appointment and spent some time on the family history.

And that’s it.

The whole week just zipped by in a blur! I know they say that time speeds up the older you get but wow!.

Oh well, it was a good holiday anyway, not exactly ‘relaxing’ as we spent most of the time climbing up hills or sitting on a bus while I took pictures and videos of everything in sight like a typical tourist! (even though I should know better!).

Dorchester was really interesting, such history! dating back to the Roman occupation of Britain, I strongly recommend any readers to visit the Dorset County Museum and the Dorchester Roman Town House.

I got obsessed (again!) with the old Riviera hotel near Bowleaze Cove and took way too many pictures of it!.

We even managed to fit in a visit to Lyme Regis to visit family (over two hours by bus each way! ouch!).

Considering when we got to the site, the local bus dropped us off a mile downhill from the site even though the stop was named after the site (so assumed it was nearby?) after that lovely walk with all our bags after hours on a coach, we finally made it to the site itself..

To be greeted by a queue apparently consisting of every other holiday maker  there! I still don’t know what happened as I was busy raging and considering going home by this time!  My wife, bless her, volunteered to stand in the queue to check in while I sat with a drink and guarded the bags (she knows me too well!).

Eventually we got in the caravan before she told me that some of the weight I had been hauling around all day was bags of two pence pieces for the arcade machines! thanks hon!.

We missed the bank by five minutes to transfer some cash, so I thought “no problem!” I have my iPod! even though my password and details were correct, some sort of problem prevented me logging in with them also losing me my internet banking privileges and leaving us stranded with no cash at least until monday!.

not happy.

Apart from the first day’s drama, the rest went well, been feeling lazy since my return though, so may have to force myself to exercise more!.

Amazed myself that I went a week with no computer (only iPod and internet if we head to the entertainment centre) card/board games and podcasts!.

At least we managed to finally get through a whole game of illuminati for once on the day we were stuck indoors due to a storm outside!

Spent less than I thought I would in the arcade, but more than I should have!  must stick to air hockey and the tupenny sliders! (must stay away from the shooty ones and the “grabber” ones – don’t even get me started on how unfair THEY are!).  Shame we didn’t get on the Dodgems this time though!.





2 Replies to “Back from honeymoon and time just flies!”

  1. We visited Dorchester too – we stayed in Abbotsbury for a week a few years back. My better half took us to visit all the Thomas Hardy landmarks – I’ve not read his books but she has, and swears they are brilliant…

    Great to find you blog again!

    1. It was a great holiday! not exactly the ‘relaxing honeymoon’ everyone assumed we would have! I took over 500 pictures and a dozen videos of various sites!. We saw a few of the Thomas Hardy sites, but alas, I have never read his work either, I really need to branch out in my reading! 🙂
      Thanks for the welcome back!

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