My Top Ten YouTube Funnies

Thought I would try a new thing…posting some of my favourite videos from around the web (though mainly YouTube) in the hope that some of you may have the same twisted, warped sense of humour as I have!.

I hope you enjoy them, all credit goes to the respective producers of these videos, I am only showing them here for entertainment.

Any comments, hate mail, or the usual spam can be added below!.

Warning: There is some bad language in some of these videos, please use discretion.

FarmVille Commercial Parody
Mafia Wars Commercial Parody
Cafe World Commercial Parody
PetVille Commercial Parody
The WTF Gloves Parody
The WTF Blanket Parody
Twilight Modern Warfare Trailer
The Magical iPad
Dramatic Cat
Chav Hunting


8 Replies to “My Top Ten YouTube Funnies”

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    1. haha love it! there are so many of those dramatic videos, sadly, my curiosity go the better of me and I had to look at Jutin Biebers take on it at the end of the Pug vid! not good… ;-p .
      Glad you enjoyed the post!

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