9/11 Memories

september-9-11-attacks-anniversary-ground-zero-world-trade-center-pentagon-flight-93-second-airplane-wtc_39997_600x450Everyone remembers what they were doing on September 11th 2001.

I was in Southampton in West Quay shopping centre in Dixon’s buying a Compaq laptop.

I remember, just as the salesman brought out the contract for me to sign (which I could afford at the time but sadly not after certain events later), a member of staff from the front desk ran past the office crying.

After asking her what the matter was, and finding out that the first attack had happened, the salesman and I assumed it was a tragic accident and I signed my life away.

That moment would come back to haunt me in coming years as I steadily lost one job, then another and couldn’t pay my bills, I started to think it was a bad omen buying a computer on that day.

Everything I could say has already been said today of all days, twelve years to the day so I cannot say anything new.

May the victims rest in peace…


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