Impending Kitchen Chaos

I had a busy day yesterday.

First thing in the morning we had Drew Smith come out to talk to us about our upcoming new kitchen.

As part of the Estate Regeneration Program that Southampton City Council are rolling out across the south, we are entitled to a FREE kitchen upgrade, where they will rip out the old and put in a shiny new kitchen yay!.

We originally thought we would only be given the option of what the cupboards would look like, but when they arrived we had to choose the cupboards, floor, work surfaces, tiles and handles! took quite a while but we got there in the end.

We are going for a grey floor, dark wood grain cupboards with straight handles, granite effect sides, white walls and dark blue tiles so it should look really nice! I will post pictures at the end of October when the work is completed so you guys can see it in all it’s glory!.

After the consultation, we had a visit from my parents with a food hamper for us (which will come in very handy thank you mum if you’re reading this!).

After that, we had to run up the hospital and back and then a fun few hours of job searching followed by some Sims 2 installations (maybe an upcoming series?).

Finally, I completed some Python exercises on

So that’s why there was no post yesterday! I wonder what tomorrows will be?


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