Meanwhile in Southampton…

It’s been a fairly busy day today.

Firstly, we were up early anyway, then we had time for a quick coffee or two before making our way to the bus stop.

Why is it when you are in a hurry, the bus always stops at every single stop on the way to town? and you get the pushchairs and the wombles getting on board and complaining loudly about everything?  at least they have a pass now, it used to be worse before when they would get on board and then spend ten minutes rummaging around in their purse for the coppers to make up their fare! then they moan the bus is running late!.

Then we met with my parents in the Marlands in Southampton for another lovely cuppa and a chat while my “baby” sister (who is now officially half my age!) goes birthday shopping with a friend.

Afterwards, we headed to a local shop were I picked up a Monster to revive my flagging caffeine levels where I stood waiting for ten minutes while the two people in front of me insisted on using their credit cards for a newspaper!.

After knocking back the energy drink, we headed off to the Central Library so I could talk to the Open University about the possibility of doing an access course and how to go about finding out more, before finally heading past the blaring SO Fest to get the bus home.

And now, I have to build up the energy and courage to face the hordes of shoppers at our local Tesco’s to do our fortnightly shopping! A few more energy drinks first I think, just to keep me alive until I get home!


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