iTunes Adventure

I have been having a problem with the popular iTunes media player the past few months after a system update caused my iPod to not be picked up properly by my PC.

It would install the drivers when I plugged it in and would then display “Apple iPod” but would not appear in iTunes under it’s actual name.

Looking up this problem on Google yielded a couple of hits, which consisted of reinstalling the device drivers, which I did to no avail.

Eventually, I decided to try to install iTunes on my wife’s PC, copy over my iTunes backup folder and see if that machine picked it up.

It did. Great!”  I thought as I prepared to sync it, must be a problem caused by a recent Windows update!. Excited with the idea of being able to update my iPod, I clicked ‘Sync’…

And it brought up an error.

It wanted to add over five Gb of videos (which didn’t exist) and claimed I only had 2 Gb free space (when I had 5 Gb free).

So that didn’t work.

Until today.

There have been a good few Windows updates since and iTunes had an update earlier so I though I would try my luck again, and it slowly installed the device drivers then came up with the correct name!.

Only problem now is the fact I have 5Gb free according to the iPod, 9Gb free according to iTunes, 20 less songs and it keeps re-adding apps I have deleted! but at least it is now backed up and more or less synced.

I just need to iron out the last few wrinkles.

And they say technology is here to make things easier!

UPDATE: Well I have synced the iPod successfully a number of times, but try as I might, I cannot get it to add any new music! it adds to my iTunes library but refuses to go onto the iPod! oh well, it’s still mainly a win I suppose!.


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