New Kitchen Ahoy!

Well I know it’s been a while since my last update but things have been really busy this last week with hospital appointments, Doctor’s appointments and so on!.

During this time, we have been steadily emptying the kitchen in preparation for the new kitchen work which started on Thursday.

Now the living room is filled with boxes and assorted kitchenware so we are restricted to the sofa and a small patch of lounge carpet where we keep ourselves busy playing board games while the workmen from Drew Smith rip apart our kitchen!.

They arrived promptly at 0830 on Thursday morning and within an hour they had completely removed our old kitchen, within another few hours all the electrics had been removed and replaced (LOTS of extremely loud drilling!) and a new fluorescent strip light fitted.

Finally, we were given a tour of the work and marvelled at how big our kitchen is now it is empty! a short while later, the floor guys came out and ripped up the vinyl floor leaving the floorboards exposed for the first time in who knows how long?.

After heating up a mystery meal from the freezer which turned out to be a nice chilli, we retired for the night and I watched some youtube videos while I tried to get to sleep!.

Now, the men are back and seem to be preparing to fit the new kitchen already!, at this rate, they will be finished before the end of next week! (and we sent our kitty Milo on holiday because of the noise and the fact the front door will be left open all day).

Roll on the amazing new kitchen! 🙂


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