Day Two Complete!

Day Two Complete!Well that was Day Two of our new kitchen!.

As you can see to the left, we have a shiny new sink and two worktops and a number of cabinets all ready to be installed!.

Work started promptly at 0830 and finished at around 1500 all the while the door was wide open and sucking any heat straight outside! Luckily we were underneath a sleeping bag in the lounge and managed to stave off the worst of the chill! also, we haven’t put the heating on yet as it would be pointless with the door being open!.

I am sat here in my favourite jumper (thanks mom!) and lovely and warm (apart from my feet anyway!) and looking forward to next friday when our little boy comes home.

Well, the weekend is now over and we have managed without a cooker or washing machine now for four days (thankfully we have a freezer full of odds and ends!) and the workmen have just arrived for the start of Day Three, stand by for news at the end of today!.


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