Kitchen of Chaos Week One Ended

Well, that was a whole week of the kitchen work complete.

On Day One, they ripped out the old kitchen and floor and installed the wall sockets.

On Day Two, they installed the new sink and put in some units.

On Day Three, they did most of the tiling, installed more sides.

On Day Four, they installed a couple of high units and put the rest of the sides in.

On Day Five, they did more tiling and put more units in.

On Day Six, they finished tiling and put the last high units in.

On Day Seven, they grouted the tiles and did another coat of paint and the plumber arrived to fit our washing machine (which we still cant use as the plug sockets haven’t been fitted yet and all our extension leads are in use!).

Roll on Monday when (hopefully) the electrics will be finished and our cooker wired up (we have to light it with candle tapers currently!).

For now, it is the start of the weekend and all I want is a nice cup of coffee and to watch some Buffy the Vampire Slayer!.

Day Seven Complete! Day Seven Complete! Day Seven Complete! Day Seven Complete!


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