The Huge Winter Clear Out!

Well, the kitchen is finally complete and we have finished moving everything (well actually a LOT less than everything!) back in.

When we finished emptying the old kitchen, we had six 110litre boxes packed full of kitchenware and assorted odds and ends, plus half the lounge filled with various sauces, packets, herbs and spices.

We barely had room to play a board game or two on the carpet during the work, while the workmen did their job!.

When the work was complete and we started moving everything back in (which took about two days) before our cat Milo came home, we ended up with four of the six boxes full of stuff we wanted to get rid of!.  Including two from the cupboard at the top of the stairs that was full of stuff we hadn’t looked at in years and thought we may as well sort through while were at it!.

After all the sorting and restocking, we got our lounge back and then decided to go shopping while we were still in the zone!, so tired and achy we walked up to the big Tesco’s up the road and carried back two weeks worth of food before finally settling down for the night.

The following day, not being able to carry it all in one go up to the charity collection bins, we asked a friend who had recently moved if there was anything he wanted.

After going through all the boxes, he ended up taking nearly everything (three of the four boxes) which was of immense help to us and him, so off we went again to help him get it all home (fortunately he lives close by).

Finally, we all gathered up the last few items in the last box and proceeded to walk up to the charity bins up the road (where the carrier bags insisted on splitting halfway!).

Now we have a couple of hospital appointments to get out of the way and the Christmas shopping to finish (we started early this year for the first time!) before the Christmas Market appears in town (which we are looking forward to!) and the chaos of Christmas descends upon us once again.

Roll on Christmas!


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