Just a small update…

Well it has now been a few weeks since the Great Kitchen Adventure and I am still getting used to our new kitchen!.

I am still surprised that we actually have cupboard space left over after our big clear out! I guess though as time goes on we will gradually start to fill these spaces up.

I have been having a break from programming due to becoming stuck on one of the exercises at the end of a chapter and have been bashing my head against the wall trying to solve it!.

I think I may just call it a day on that one and jump ahead to the next chapter, though it feels slightly like cheating!.

I really want to get stuck into the rest of the book though, as I have the next few books planned and have some ideas that I want to start putting into practice.

College again tonight, we had a test last week on the Microsoft Word unit and hopefully passed with flying colours! this week and coming weeks are all about Excel.  It is great to be back learning and things are going really well!.

We also had our first Abel & Cole delivery of fruit, veg and juice today and wow! we got loads!  I started drinking the pear and kiwi juice (100% juice and nothing else) and couldn’t stop! guess that will be going on the list for next time!.

I can definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking to eat more healthily as their produce is mainly organic so chemical free.

Well, time to go and get something to eat before we leave for college!.

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