Family History Fun!

I finally dug out all my family history paperwork yesterday and boy was there a lot of it!.

Legacy Family Tree Homepage
Legacy Family Tree Homepage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been researching on and off for years so every time i come back to it, i have to figure out exactly what it was i was doing last time.

I installed the very useful Legacy Family Tree 7.5 and opened up my family tree on the excellent and compared the two.

I have gone a lot further with Ancestry as it has a hints feature that helps you find and add new people to your tree, i just haven’t got around to syncing that with Legacy yet.

The only thing is to actually view the hints and records requires a subscription which I currently do not possess.  If I really make some progress this time, I may purchase a months access and see how it goes.

Legacy is a very powerful program and I have barely scratched the surface of what it can do, I use the built in help, but a printed manual would be easier to flick through to get to the part i need (but sadly that’s an extra $15 and the video tutorials are an extra $30 so I wont be buying them just yet.)

I will be sorting through all the paperwork over the next few days, sorting the digital records I have as well as the paper ones into family groups for easy reference instead of folders full of assorted Birth, Marriage and Death certificates.  I have seen a couple of videos on youtube about keeping records for genealogy research but I cannot recall which ones now.

I was recently annoyed when I received an email from Legacy telling me there was a new version out (Version 8) but when I downloaded and installed it, it prompted me for a customer ID, plugging that in didn’t work as this was a new program entirely and it wanted me to purchase it.

Needless to say, I uninstalled and will be sticking with 7.5 for now thank you!.

Well, better get back to the work, I have had a nice break by walking around the block with my beautiful wife enjoying the sunshine and re-installing some Xbox games (as we needed to switch Xbox’s before christmas keeping the old hard drive but the new Xbox wouldn’t pick up the installed games, requiring a delete and reinstall).

Wish me luck!

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