The End of an Era

Well, that is college over for now until we start the Computer Programming course in September (when we get around to enrolling anyway!).  We came so close to finishing our final MS Access test but due to some unexpected issues, we had to come in the week after to finish it.  It was a sad goodbye to our tutor Nina, as we have been with her for two ITQ courses now and sadly Totton College currently do not offer the ITQ3 which we would gladly have enrolled on and had her teach us for level one, two and three!.

I would have had this post out earlier but, there were some computer issues which needed a careful application of Smart Defrag, Ccleaner and Malware Bytes to sort out first.

If your computer is running slow, chances are it either needs defragging or has malware (or even both!) I didn’t have any malware, but did need a defrag.  I can strongly recommend these three programs to help keep your PC in top shape.

Tracey is still recovering well and is walking further and faster without the aid of the wheelchair (though we still use it for longer trips when she needs it).

I have been doing a lot of modding of some of my favourite games recently, now I have heavily modded Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas and if I think about it, I will do more posts or possibly videos on each game and the mods I have installed and how to install them.

Well, it is now time for me to go and do some Python and some more writing before sitting down to play a few games with Tracey.  So far we have Stronghold, Rome Total War, Wesnoth and Might & Magic V to try out as well as a handful of Xbox games.

Wish me luck!




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