Football Manager Addiction!

Football Manager was named in 35 divorce cases in the UK.

Having played a fair few hours of it over the last couple of weeks I can see why.

I am not a huge follower of football and will be the first to put my hand up and admit I know next to nothing about football strategy and tactics (though I have printed out a few guides and read a lot of articles to increase my knowledge somewhat).  I understand they have streamlined  the game and improved vastly upon it since my last foray into Football Manager (2012) and I have found this version (2014) to be a lot simpler and more intuitive than the last one I played (I know it’s all a matter of opinion but I am getting on with this version better than 2010 or 2012 somehow).  Even though I am not a huge football fanatic, I still find this game highly addictive and think about it even when i’m not playing it and planning for my next session!.

I am playing as Eastleigh.  Not because I am a Spitfire’s fan as such (I am an Aston Villa fan) but because I wanted to jump into a hardcore challenge of playing as a Sunday league footballer managing a lower league club rather than play as my favourite club with millions of pounds to spend and lots of Prima donna players! (though when I have learnt a lot more I will definitely try it!).

I am an Xbox 360 owner and have quite the library, yet, I am finding it difficult to tear myself away from the PC and either FM2014 or Crusader Kings II (for which I recently bought the newest expansion Charlemagne and can also highly recommend though it is also maddeningly addictive!).  We also have TV shows and films on the Sky box unwatched, waiting patiently for me to put down my mouse and go watch them.

Things are significantly better now compared to this time last year, when I was in the depths of Depression and couldn’t focus on watching or playing anything, and since then, the loss of my Mom and my wife’s surgery and subsequent recovery at home (which is coming along really well now, she recently managed to walk home from the dentist’s [which is about 1.5 miles] after a check up the other day!) have been the main things on my mind. 

Today we went into Southampton and managed to just get what we came for, no more or less, went in, grabbed what we needed, had a bite to eat and came home.  When we used to hang around, go to CEX and GAME and then have a drink or two before coming home.  Now it’s time for a nice cuppa (I have recently developed a taste for exotic teas such as Lapsang Suchong, Ceylon, Earl Grey and Darjeeling) and to jump back into FM2014 and see what I can do to improve our promotion chances!.



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