Christmas Preparation Underway

We have had a busy couple of weeks.

Not our bookcase! ;-)

A while back, my wife Tracey found a cheap second hand bookcase on facebook.  When it arrived we then promptly spent the next two days sorting out all of our books into a large database and filling up the new bookcase.  We also went through the ornaments on the mantlepiece and in the cabinet and threw some out and others were moved to the top of the bookcase.  Figuring that the rest of the lounge may as well be done now, we then had a huge clearout and general tidy (not that we are untidy per se just a little cluttered).

Now, with a tidy lounge, my wife decided now would be a great time to sort out the bedroom, which quickly followed suit and now we are left with the fallout of all this sorting and clearing – a large collection of boxes, bags and assorted bric a brac in the shed all ready to be thrown out in the spring (when we have our huge annual clearout).  The amount of stuff we have to throw out would probably fill a skip! you don’t realise how much stuff you accumulate over time!.

We also have the majority of our Christmas shopping accounted for, it has left us quite a bit short as the bills all came out at the same time, but now when we go to town, it wont be as stressful as it usually is when we are frantically running round town in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas and the streets and shops are flooded with desperately panicking people all trying to get the last minute gifts in.

We also started volunteering at our local library one afternoon a week to start with, which is working out nicely.  Seeing as the Programming course we enrolled on at Totton College was cancelled due to low numbers, this gives us something to put on our CV’s.

Finally, this is my fiftieth post! doesn’t sound a lot to those of you with posts in the hundreds or more but to me it is quite the achievement! to celebrate this milestone, I will be designing a new header for the blog (as soon as I brush up on my GIMP skills anyway!).

Hope you all had a great Hallowe’en!.


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