Smart Meter, Rummy and Books!

Well we have just had our new Southern Electric Smart Meter installed and said goodbye to the Engineer after a brief demo of our new system.
We can now monitor our electric and gas usage in real time which is really cool and has had me switching things on and running back to the hand held monitor to see the difference!.
The only weird thing is when i plugged the monitor into a free plug socket and switched it on to save the batteries, our usage dropped, not sure why.
Over the next seven weeks, it will learn our usage habits and adapt itself accordingly, so it will be interesting  to see what happens!.
While the Engineer was busy downstairs, we had no power for a brief time, so with no Internet, PCs or TV, we were forced to rely on other ways of amusing ourselves for the duration.

I brought a selection of games into the lounge for us to consider but in the end we opted for the humble playing cards and played a few games of Rummy (which I lost).
Fortunately, the power came back on after a while and enabled me to power up the PC on the promise of playing a game but I thought I should try to get a Blog post up and try to get a chapter or two written and maybe even do some Python Programming before succumbing to a video game.

Thinking about it now, I fancy going up the local high street and doing the charity shops (we did them a week back and i found a book “Rendezvous With Rama Omnibus” which I couldn’t decide whether to get or not and in the end decided not to get it and now regret it as it is really expensive on Amazon and eBay).
I did say to myself “no more books until you finish a few” but I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of cheap historical books and “Revelation Space” by Alastair Reynolds which I am looking forward to reading after I finish “The Quiet War” by Paul McAuley and “Iron Guard” by Mark Clapham, which are borrowed from the library and need to go back soon, so I am focusing on those instead of the many many books that are waiting to get read.

I am trying to teach myself to “Speed Read” to help me get through the many fiction and non-fiction alike that are on my “to-read” list.  I bought a few books cheap off eBay and am currently learning from them.  I am thinking of just using Speed Reading for the text books and historical books I want to read and reading normally (though slightly faster) for fiction.  I also have recently heard about “Spritz” which I believe is available on many different platforms and browsers and basically feeds you a book/article/whatever one word at a time but extremely fast, I was using it to read articles and was pushing 1000 words per minute with fairly high comprehension (what’s the point of being able to read fast if you don’t understand anything?).

We also went through our board/card games recently and brought out a selection that we are hoping to play soon when we can tear ourselves away from the PC’s or the TV!.  We even drew up a list of potential games, films and TV shows and use dice to help us decide what to do if we can’t decide!.

Well, it’s about time for a Cuppa while I try to decide whether to get on with some writing and programming or to go out!.






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