Open Source and Free Software

I will be adding links to Open Source software sites where you can search, browse and download free software to replace or add to your existing commercial software. I will add personal reviews to software that I have used and can personally recommend.

Definition: Open Source software has a very specific definition, but basically it must be distributed for free and other people must be allowed to modify or add to the software.

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Open Source Alternatives



Software I have used and can recommend

Mozilla Firefox – A free open source web browser with thousands of addons to increase functionality.

Mozilla Thunderbird – A free open source email client with lots of addons so you can customise it to your heart’s content!

OpenOffice – A free open source alternative to Microsoft Office, powerful and versatile.

LibreOffice – A free, powerful open source office suite updated often.

7-Zip – A free open source archive tool. Formats 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR are supported fully, other formats can be unpacked.

Revo Uninstaller – A free uninstaller, useful for comprehensively removing those stubborn software installations!

Ccleaner – A free disk utility that does a great job of removing temporary files, clutter and invalid registry entries.

G.I.M.P (GNU Image Manipulation Program) – A free, open source and extremely powerful image manipulation suite.

Audacity – A free, open source audio editor and recorder.

VLC Media Player – A free, open source media player for most formats.

DAZ3D Studio Pro – A free, incredibly powerful 3D figure illustration/animation application with hundreds of expansions and addons (most are free but a lot are payware).

Paint.NET – A free image editor, seen as a stepping stone between MS Paint and GIMP.

This list is NOT exhaustive obviously and only contains software I have used and can recommend personally, with a quick search of wikipedia, you can find literally thousands of free and/or open source software applications.



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