Better late than never…

Off on our honeymoon tomorrow morning.  It’s a couple of months late, but as the saying goes: “better late than never!”.

I’m just wondering what I will forget as there is ALWAYS something!.

Spent the past few days running through lists and preparations, yet  there is always something forgotten isn’t there?.

It was so sad saying goodbye to our cat Milo earlier, and he was quite put out to be disturbed from his sunbathing to be stuffed in a box and carted through diversions and traffic across town to find the cattery wasn’t open yet, we had got the time wrong!.

Needless to say, he settled in okay and cooled down after a drink so we felt better about leaving him.  It isn’t his first stay there and it is a lovely place so hopefully he will enjoy his holiday too!.

Early morning tomorrow though, hence the short post.  Got to catch a bus to Southampton early morning, grab  a nuclear strength coffee from somewhere and a bite to eat before making our way to the tiny coach station and from there to our destination.

I don’t know how  I will cope with no computer, so I packed a few things to keep me occupied (Red November, Cards, Illuminati and Hill 218) .  If the penny arcade and the games become boring, then I can try to finish all those letters I have been meaning to write for ages yet always got distracted by the computer! (no self discipline I know!).

I will try and post when I can from a hotspot on my iPod if possible (that little screen can be so hard to see!).

Failing that, I guess I will have to wait till I come back to post the boring holiday  pictures!.


First Shiny Post!

I was going to kickstart this new blog with an interesting article, but time escaped me once again and it is now nearly 2:30 in the morning, I have been investigating all the new bits and bobs in this new improved WordPress while trying to watch “Falling Skies” and worrying if I have forgotten to do anything before we go away!.

think it’s best if I leave it until the morning when I have had some sleep and can focus properly on what needs to be done.

So, for now simply consider this a sort of ‘holding post’ until I get my act together!.