Christmas Done for Another Year!

Well thats it.

We finally finished the last few things in preparation for Christmas.

After dressing up in waterproofs to brave the high street in order to do some last minute shopping, we have finally got in and i have  sat down with a cold glass of cider to relax.

The thought of a nice hot bath is now occupying the rest of my brain!.

Sadly, my (fairly) new boots decided to split on the bottom on both so everytime I step near a puddle, the ice cold water rushes in! thankfully, I learnt an old trick of wearing a carrier bag over my socks to limit the damage…unfortunately, the bags split and I got soaked anyway!.

Oh well, that’s everything done as much as possible anyway and all that is left is to grab some booze and wait for the big day!.

We missed Southampton lights being put on this year as we had to walk in as there were apparently no buses (then when we were nearly in town, SIX turned up at once! I kid you not!).

For all it’s faults, Southampton does do a good job with its lights, and the German market this year is HUGE! it’s the biggest I have seen in the seven years it has been here with all kinds of stalls selling everything from Mulled Wine, German sausage and handmade crafts, to roast chestnuts, candy floss and curry! (I recommended the ‘Taste of India’ stalls Chicken Tikka Wrap if anyone reading this is heading there anytime soon!.)

I just cannot believe that it has been six months since the wedding! where did this year go? we spent half of it preparing for the wedding, and the rest preparing for Christmas!.

And, if some of the 2012 theories have some weight to them, we may not even be here this time next year! frightening thought! should we get gifts anyway just in case it turns out to be another “Y2K Bug“?.

I wont bother with my usual grumbling about how commercial Christmas is, or how it gets earlier and earlier every year (I saw the first tinsel around the end of august this year…) or with a “Top Ten” Christmas songs of all time list as seems to be common this time of year either, all I am going to do is end here and wish you a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!.