Shopping Rant!

Well, we just got in from doing our fortnightly shop at our local Tesco’s.

Between the people who walk really slowly, the people who just stop dead in front of you prompting angry glances and the fact that there is always a long queue at the checkouts but not at the self-service tills drives me mad!.

I hate those self-service things!

please put your item in the baggage area

*Puts item in baggage area*

Unexpected item in baggage area

*lights go off and I have to be helped by a member of staff anyway*

Call me old-fashioned but I prefer to be served by an actual human being not a robot that apparently gets confused if you have more than one item!.

It was a really small shop today as we haven’t been sticking to the menu much so we had less to carry home (which our backs always appreciate!).

Now, I am cooling down with an ice cold bottle of water and about to start on dinner (a nice hot Arrabiata) as soon as I have checked facebook and maybe done a little programming!.

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