Post Christmas Shopping…

Well, it is the day after my wife and I went to Southampton and did most of our christmas shopping.


To limit the number of things I would forget, we spent most of last night making a list of family and friends and the gifts we think are appropriate and so on.

It got me thinking.

In the past couple of months we have made some big changes to our life almost overnight without really understanding what brought it on.

  • I stopped smoking.
  • We created a menu for us to base our shopping around rather than impulse buying or only buying sale items.
  • I started a diet and have cut out most fat and developed a liking for those fruit pot things from Tesco
  • I started exercising regularly with my brother in law.
  • I set alarms and reminders for almost everything on the iPod so I don’t forget.
  • We got all our winter protection stuff early (Echinacea, Garlic, Vitamin C etc).
  • We have been more disciplined with taking meds when required.
  • We had a crazy big clearout and tidied up the flat (much to our cat’s horror!)
  • And got the Chrsitmas shopping weeks ahead of our usual schedule and the  majority of the cards will be done this week.

Neither of us can figure out precisely why this started, one day I was sat in front of the Xbox, feeling despondent about my work situation and looking forward to Skyrim‘s imminent release, the next I was jogging around a field and eating salads with a puzzled look in my face.

Strangely, not long after starting this new regimen, I had a rather shocking email..

A while back, I posted about my rage and disappointment after mistakenly receving an invite for Bioware‘s Star Wars The Old Republic; just to realise it was accidental.

Well, I received another one.

After checking to make sure, I was happily downloading the Beta code and looking forward to seeing what the new game would be like.

Needless to say it was amazing.

Sadly, I only got a  day out of it before my time was up and I was unable to access it after that, but what little I saw convinced me that I need to buy it when it releases in a few weeks time.

I also, found myself feeling rather better in general than I had for a long time, and unfortuneately discovered that my body doesn’t seem to like processed foods any longer when I guiltily ate a hot dog in town recently!.

Well, I am going to be puzzling over our new found lifestyle for some time to come, and hopefully getting fitter at the same time (despite paulsoaresjr’s Indie Test Drive’s trying to lead me astray!).

I cannot seem to focus on any of my game’s either now without feeling lazy and restless! what on earth is wrong with me? am I getting old?! I’m only 28!.

Well, just in case I don’t post again before christmas, please allow me to wish you the very best for the season and a great New Year!


Bioware’s The Old Republic Strikes Again!

Dont let the adventure end!

Tell us what you think!Thanks to an error at Bioware, everyone who had signed up to potentially be a Beta Tester for their upcoming “The Old Republic” received two emails this morning asking if they enjoyed testing the game and would they mind answering a short survey now they have “had a chance to experience their own saga”.

Dont let the adventure end!I, myself received these, so after two years of trying to get on the Beta Tester program and having numerous errors occur during the validation process, I finally thought that the problem had been fixed and I was finally being rewarded for my patience with a last minute Beta key!.

Alas, I was mistaken.

These were not the emails i was looking for…

In the official Twitter they issued an apology and a link to a page on the forums with the following statement:

Earlier today, two e-mails were sent to members of the Star

Wars: The Old Republic community. These e-mails were sent to a larger group than intended, and have caused some confusion in the community. We can confirm that these e-mails were from EA and BioWare and apologize for any confusion they have caused. Please note that receiving these e-mails does not affect your chances to be

invited to test the game. Thank you all for your understanding!

 Torwars and Massively were quick off the mark with articles going into some detail for confused and frantic wannabe testers scouring Google for something, anything to explain why the Beta key isn’t anywhere to be found.
I know it was a simple mistake, human error, but that doesn’t make the slap in the face any less painful.
Or disappointing..
Oh well, back to the waiting game then I guess.  I was going to force myself to wait a little longer anyway to ensure the worst of the bugs and exploits were fixed before I went near it (not to mention that access will probably be impossible the first few weeks anyway…).
Am I being sensible or am I simply kidding myself so I feel better? 😉
UPDATE: I received an official apology! (not as good as a Beta Key but I feel a little better!).
Bioware Apology
Bioware Apologises...