A Very Productive Day!…

Wow what a day.

Up early this morning for a hospital appointment (they said 0830 but also said I can expect to be there for at least four hours).

I came prepared with my kindle for the long wait and was promptly called in to see the nurse about a page in!.

She explained the procedure (an Endoscopy for the curious) in graphic detail then had me sit down in another waiting room where I assumed I would be spending the rest of the day.

Less than a chapter later, I was called in for the procedure, I wont go into detail but it was definitely one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life!.

I cannot praise the staff enough, they were extremely patient, kind and thorough, especially the nurse I had already met who was reassuring me throughout the procedure to keep me calm, if you are reading this thank you for being there!

After thanking the Doctor and Nurses (much to their surprise!) and making my way back to my wife in the waiting room with a numb throat, we made our way home which is a good half hour walk to burn off the numbing spray (and the fact I couldn’t have my morning coffee or breakfast and couldn’t eat or drink anything until at least 1015 made me even grumpier than usual!).

After getting home, I immediately downed a large coffee and a snack and felt miles better, then instead of going to sleep for a few hours (hooray for caffeine!) I decided to clean the kitchen and bathroom top to bottom while listening to a random playlist on my iPod.

With the kitchen and bathroom now sparkling, I downed more coffee to keep me alive and proceeded to do some tidying before finally succumbing to tiredness about an hour before we were due to leave for college (just like I knew I would!).

After a brief power nap, we threw on our trainers and headed out the door for college.

After initially getting lost in the newly redeveloped Totton College, and grabbing another coffee from the onsite Costa, we finally arrived at the right classroom and started eagerly working through the work books.

Three hours later we had a nice leisurely stroll home in the darkness and enjoyed the cool air until we arrived back home where I promptly devoured a bowl of cereal and a bottle of ice cold water (SO refreshing!!).

Now, I am writing this while waiting for my brother in law to arrive from Wales to look after our cat Milo for the weekend while we go to look after my parents dogs for the weekend!.

When we arrive tomorrow morning, I fully intend to do nothing for at least a few hours other than maybe catch up on some sleep!.

Roll on the weekend!! we have music, games and work to keep us busy!


Costa, Clothes and Friends

coffeeNot long been in after a busy day in town.

Today we met up with an old school friend of mine in one of the local Costa Coffees in Southampton.

It has been quite a while since we last saw each other, and in that time both of us got married!.

We all had a great time chatting about marriage, games and cats over an iced americano.

After we parted ways, agreeing to meet up again soon, Tracey and I visited Matalan to get her a new blouse, CEX and GAME to window shop (and yes, for me to look longingly at Grand Theft Auto 5!).

After that,we met up with a couple of other friends and went back to Costa for another Iced Coffee and a catch up!.

Finally, we went into the local Buyology store and bought two large boxes to start to store the contents of our kitchen in when it gets replaced (see here) and caused the shelf to collapse when we pulled the boxes out!.

So all in all, a productive and enjoyable day (even if we did scare the shop assistant half to death when the shelf collapsed!).