Bathroom, Birmingham and Business!

It has been a busy few weeks!, in the last few weeks, we had a new bathroom fitted, visited family in Birmingham and both Tracey and I had interviews!.
Let me jump back in time a little…

A couple of months ago, a letter from the council arrived, informing us that we needed a new bathroom (coming less than two years after our new kitchen!).
Needless to say, we contacted the contractors and arranged a date for them to start.
Within a few days the work had started and we were once again playing host to a seemingly endless stream of craftsmen pouring in and out of our home from morning till dusk.

I even printed out a little sign requesting that they closed the front door after themselves as we didn’t want Milo getting out, surprisingly, a couple of them even took notice of it! one in particular paused at the doorstep to read it, looked at me, then opened the door and walked upstairs leaving it wide open, why the guy felt the need to perform this petty act of defiance was beyond me, it was a simple enough request and I feel didn’t put anyone out.

The first day they ripped out the old bathroom and installed the new one, we thought that they would be done by the end of the week at that rate, but alas, it would be another couple of weeks until the work was declared complete.
We managed to keep Milo (our kitty) out of their way and the noise was only bad for the first few hours, after that he was fine and we hardly noticed the workmen were there!.
We had full creative control over the colours and took photos at the various stages for our own records.
After the chaos of the bathroom died down, I had an interview at a major shopping centre for a cleaner position, which I consequently got offered before we went away to Birmingham to visit family.

Every day, we took a nice, long walk around the local park and enjoyed the hot weather, even spending a day up the local high street, hunting around the many charity shops (where i found a couple of books and a collection of Star Trek games for next to nothing).
Sadly, the Star Trek games were too old to even install except one (Starfleet Academy) and the expansion for Starfleet Academy wouldn’t even install under win XP (even though the base game did!).

Time to crack out DosBox!
On the way home, we decided to make the most of the day and walk back, though we got turned around somewhere and ended up using my phone’s GPS to navigate back through unfamiliar streets (which was more fun than it sounds!).

It was so nice visiting family we hadn’t seen for a long time and having someone else do the cooking!.

When we left, we were given some Thyme, Rosemary and Sage to pot up when we got home.
Our friend who looked after Milo and our flat for us while we were away, met up with us in town and bought us a coffee (which was SORELY needed!).
Finally we got home, put the herbs in water and crashed out!.

Since then, we have potted them up, bought some Basil, Mint and Parsley and planted some chilli seeds (which started to come up today) and I managed to get all my mods installed for The Elder Scrolls and Fallout games (though that is a post on its own!).

Within a couple of weeks, Tracey had got herself TWO interviews one after another!, she then had another couple of calls from potential employers wanting to “check her details” and now she is just waiting for ‘that’ call that means she will be working too!.

I am so proud of her recent achievements and it goes to show what you can do when you apply yourself!.

So now we sit, enjoying watching TV while I try to get some writing done!.



New Kitchen Ahoy!

Well I know it’s been a while since my last update but things have been really busy this last week with hospital appointments, Doctor’s appointments and so on!.

During this time, we have been steadily emptying the kitchen in preparation for the new kitchen work which started on Thursday.

Now the living room is filled with boxes and assorted kitchenware so we are restricted to the sofa and a small patch of lounge carpet where we keep ourselves busy playing board games while the workmen from Drew Smith rip apart our kitchen!.

They arrived promptly at 0830 on Thursday morning and within an hour they had completely removed our old kitchen, within another few hours all the electrics had been removed and replaced (LOTS of extremely loud drilling!) and a new fluorescent strip light fitted.

Finally, we were given a tour of the work and marvelled at how big our kitchen is now it is empty! a short while later, the floor guys came out and ripped up the vinyl floor leaving the floorboards exposed for the first time in who knows how long?.

After heating up a mystery meal from the freezer which turned out to be a nice chilli, we retired for the night and I watched some youtube videos while I tried to get to sleep!.

Now, the men are back and seem to be preparing to fit the new kitchen already!, at this rate, they will be finished before the end of next week! (and we sent our kitty Milo on holiday because of the noise and the fact the front door will be left open all day).

Roll on the amazing new kitchen! 🙂


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Impending Kitchen Chaos

I had a busy day yesterday.

First thing in the morning we had Drew Smith come out to talk to us about our upcoming new kitchen.

As part of the Estate Regeneration Program that Southampton City Council are rolling out across the south, we are entitled to a FREE kitchen upgrade, where they will rip out the old and put in a shiny new kitchen yay!.

We originally thought we would only be given the option of what the cupboards would look like, but when they arrived we had to choose the cupboards, floor, work surfaces, tiles and handles! took quite a while but we got there in the end.

We are going for a grey floor, dark wood grain cupboards with straight handles, granite effect sides, white walls and dark blue tiles so it should look really nice! I will post pictures at the end of October when the work is completed so you guys can see it in all it’s glory!.

After the consultation, we had a visit from my parents with a food hamper for us (which will come in very handy thank you mum if you’re reading this!).

After that, we had to run up the hospital and back and then a fun few hours of job searching followed by some Sims 2 installations (maybe an upcoming series?).

Finally, I completed some Python exercises on

So that’s why there was no post yesterday! I wonder what tomorrows will be?