Procrastination – A Blogger’s Worst Enemy

Yes, I admit that procrastination is one of my biggest hindrances to productivity.  I always mean to get on with writing (whether a blog post or my book) but I find it way too easy to get distracted! (as I write this I have stopped half a dozen times to catch glimpses of TV my wife is watching!).

I have the Internet at the tip of my fingers which is another huge drain on my writing time (there is always something to look up or something to check quickly).

I found an addon for firefox once, where you could set a timer and it would block internet access for that time so you could concentrate on whatever you were doing (sadly, I cannot remember what it was called, if anyone reading this knows what i’m talking about please let me know!).

Well, what have I been up to recently?, well I recently got through two interviews to land a sales job, expecting a traditional retail job as the advert hinted at, but after spending a day shadowing one of the senior employees, I realized after a few minutes that the job was door to door selling! not my forte as I am more likely to say “okay no problem!” if someone said no to whatever I was selling! not exactly the trait of a successful salesman!.

I did have a good day in some respects as the lady I was with was a great laugh and we spent the day walking around knocking doors while she would be singing and dancing down the street and asking me what my favourite film/TV show/song was!.

I also learnt a lot about the companies approach to attitude, business practice and employee qualities which I could easily take with me to another job as they are really good!.

So, fingers crossed for me as I am waiting to hear back from a load of other jobs I have applied for! I am still not sure exactly what direction I am going in, I have experience in Retail, Catering and Cleaning so I should be able to do most anything.

Well, the East St shopping centre in Southampton is finally being demolished to make way for a shiny new Morrison’s.  I really want to see that place coming down as it is almost like the end of an era, it has been there since the seventies and has slowly declined and eventually abandoned as businesses inside closed or moved.

Sadly, they have boarded up the front so I cannot see what is going on inside! oh well, I will have to wait and hope I can catch them pulling down the exterior!.

I recently bought the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Premium books and have started avidly reading them in the hope of starting to play with my wife soon! I know you really need a large group but it will be interesting to see what we can do with just the two of us! I downloaded the errata from the official website and the majority of it was already in the books which was nice as it saved me having to go through and add lots of notes and stuff to them.

Well, not much else to say as it has been a long struggle that I am slowly coming out of now and I am looking to the future with a clearer eye now and hopefully I can throw myself into my writing again and maybe even get back into my games, as I have hardly touched the PC or the Xbox for a long time!.

That is to say, when i am not job searching or reading anyway!.