Just a small update…

Well it has now been a few weeks since the Great Kitchen Adventure and I am still getting used to our new kitchen!.

I am still surprised that we actually have cupboard space left over after our big clear out! I guess though as time goes on we will gradually start to fill these spaces up.

I have been having a break from programming due to becoming stuck on one of the exercises at the end of a chapter and have been bashing my head against the wall trying to solve it!.

I think I may just call it a day on that one and jump ahead to the next chapter, though it feels slightly like cheating!.

I really want to get stuck into the rest of the book though, as I have the next few books planned and have some ideas that I want to start putting into practice.

College again tonight, we had a test last week on the Microsoft Word unit and hopefully passed with flying colours! this week and coming weeks are all about Excel.  It is great to be back learning and things are going really well!.

We also had our first Abel & Cole delivery of fruit, veg and juice today and wow! we got loads!  I started drinking the pear and kiwi juice (100% juice and nothing else) and couldn’t stop! guess that will be going on the list for next time!.

I can definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking to eat more healthily as their produce is mainly organic so chemical free.

Well, time to go and get something to eat before we leave for college!.

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The Huge Winter Clear Out!

Well, the kitchen is finally complete and we have finished moving everything (well actually a LOT less than everything!) back in.

When we finished emptying the old kitchen, we had six 110litre boxes packed full of kitchenware and assorted odds and ends, plus half the lounge filled with various sauces, packets, herbs and spices.

We barely had room to play a board game or two on the carpet during the work, while the workmen did their job!.

When the work was complete and we started moving everything back in (which took about two days) before our cat Milo came home, we ended up with four of the six boxes full of stuff we wanted to get rid of!.  Including two from the cupboard at the top of the stairs that was full of stuff we hadn’t looked at in years and thought we may as well sort through while were at it!.

After all the sorting and restocking, we got our lounge back and then decided to go shopping while we were still in the zone!, so tired and achy we walked up to the big Tesco’s up the road and carried back two weeks worth of food before finally settling down for the night.

The following day, not being able to carry it all in one go up to the charity collection bins, we asked a friend who had recently moved if there was anything he wanted.

After going through all the boxes, he ended up taking nearly everything (three of the four boxes) which was of immense help to us and him, so off we went again to help him get it all home (fortunately he lives close by).

Finally, we all gathered up the last few items in the last box and proceeded to walk up to the charity bins up the road (where the carrier bags insisted on splitting halfway!).

Now we have a couple of hospital appointments to get out of the way and the Christmas shopping to finish (we started early this year for the first time!) before the Christmas Market appears in town (which we are looking forward to!) and the chaos of Christmas descends upon us once again.

Roll on Christmas!

Kitchen of Chaos Week One Ended

Well, that was a whole week of the kitchen work complete.

On Day One, they ripped out the old kitchen and floor and installed the wall sockets.

On Day Two, they installed the new sink and put in some units.

On Day Three, they did most of the tiling, installed more sides.

On Day Four, they installed a couple of high units and put the rest of the sides in.

On Day Five, they did more tiling and put more units in.

On Day Six, they finished tiling and put the last high units in.

On Day Seven, they grouted the tiles and did another coat of paint and the plumber arrived to fit our washing machine (which we still cant use as the plug sockets haven’t been fitted yet and all our extension leads are in use!).

Roll on Monday when (hopefully) the electrics will be finished and our cooker wired up (we have to light it with candle tapers currently!).

For now, it is the start of the weekend and all I want is a nice cup of coffee and to watch some Buffy the Vampire Slayer!.

Day Seven Complete! Day Seven Complete! Day Seven Complete! Day Seven Complete!

Day Two Complete!

Day Two Complete!Well that was Day Two of our new kitchen!.

As you can see to the left, we have a shiny new sink and two worktops and a number of cabinets all ready to be installed!.

Work started promptly at 0830 and finished at around 1500 all the while the door was wide open and sucking any heat straight outside! Luckily we were underneath a sleeping bag in the lounge and managed to stave off the worst of the chill! also, we haven’t put the heating on yet as it would be pointless with the door being open!.

I am sat here in my favourite jumper (thanks mom!) and lovely and warm (apart from my feet anyway!) and looking forward to next friday when our little boy comes home.

Well, the weekend is now over and we have managed without a cooker or washing machine now for four days (thankfully we have a freezer full of odds and ends!) and the workmen have just arrived for the start of Day Three, stand by for news at the end of today!.

New Kitchen Ahoy!

Well I know it’s been a while since my last update but things have been really busy this last week with hospital appointments, Doctor’s appointments and so on!.

During this time, we have been steadily emptying the kitchen in preparation for the new kitchen work which started on Thursday.

Now the living room is filled with boxes and assorted kitchenware so we are restricted to the sofa and a small patch of lounge carpet where we keep ourselves busy playing board games while the workmen from Drew Smith rip apart our kitchen!.

They arrived promptly at 0830 on Thursday morning and within an hour they had completely removed our old kitchen, within another few hours all the electrics had been removed and replaced (LOTS of extremely loud drilling!) and a new fluorescent strip light fitted.

Finally, we were given a tour of the work and marvelled at how big our kitchen is now it is empty! a short while later, the floor guys came out and ripped up the vinyl floor leaving the floorboards exposed for the first time in who knows how long?.

After heating up a mystery meal from the freezer which turned out to be a nice chilli, we retired for the night and I watched some youtube videos while I tried to get to sleep!.

Now, the men are back and seem to be preparing to fit the new kitchen already!, at this rate, they will be finished before the end of next week! (and we sent our kitty Milo on holiday because of the noise and the fact the front door will be left open all day).

Roll on the amazing new kitchen! 🙂


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