Weymouth 2015

After a nice week away in Weymouth with my wife and a close friend; it is now time to settle back into being at home.
We had another close friend cat/house sitting for us which was a great help.
We left on the Monday afternoon in the wind and rain, it took us ten minutes to get out of our road due to the huge volume of schoolkids leaving school for the day and the multitude of cars blocking the road as they were picking up their kids and trying to park in the side roads near the school; nevertheless, we eventually made it out and were on our way.
Our friend was using her phone as a Sat Nav and before long we arrived at Seaview Holiday Park and entered our caravan which was to be our home for the week.
It was a little; shall we say cosy, but we all managed to unpack without event.
Shortly after unpacking, we made our way up the road to pick up some essential supplies (washing up liquid, sponges, kitchen roll that sort of stuff) from somewhere that wasn’t hideously overpriced like the shop on site was.
Getting back in, we played a hand or two of Zombie Fluxx and went to bed.

The next day, bright and early; we tried our best to navigate our way to the Asda in Weymouth, though both our phones were playing up and trying to send us down one way streets and dead ends (which was fun!) but we eventually got there and did our food shopping for the week.
We sat around later that day drinking coffee and trying to prepare our plans for the week; what we wanted to do, where to go etc and managed to hammer out a rough itinerary for the week.

Before we knew it, Wednesday was upon us and we had a destination in mind: Dorchester. We made our way there and browsed the charity shops, visited the Roman Town House and took lots of pictures which we all enjoyed.  My wife even managed to find The Colour Of Magic by Terry Pratchett which i was considering reading as i thought it would make a nice change from the normal sci fi that i read.
Back at the holiday park, we took our bags of two pences from home and made a beeline for the arcade and the 2p slide machines which we love!, we even corrupted our friend into playing them! after winning a load of tickets which you can cash in at the end of your stay, we made our way home for the night.

Thursday rolled around quickly and we decided today we would visit Lyme Regis where I used to live.
We walked along the beach and across the Cobb and took some nice photos on the way, we then stopped for some chips on the beach before going for a walk along the backstreets and along the river to the spot where I proposed to my wife back in 2009.  It is a lovely spot and it was nice to share it with someone.
We went into a bookshop down the bottom of Lyme and introduced our friend to the delight of rummaging around piles of books in every room to find a bargain!, sadly we didn’t find anything this time, but just as we went to leave a song came on I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire by the Ink Spots which was the theme tune to the popular and amazing game Fallout 3!
We quickly nipped into a fossil shop to browse as we did not manage to find any fossils on the beach (too late in the day really) and then made our way back to the car.

Unfortunately, the main road out of town was closed, our friend’s Sat Nav was at home and she had no signal to use her phone for navigation! eventually, by using the GPS on our phones, we found an alternate route and managed to get back on track until later in the day when the signal just as suddenly came back.
We played some Boss Monster, had some tea and went to bed after watching a film.

Friday we decided we wanted to take a walk over the cliffs to Bowleaze Cove which was a short walk away form the site.  We couldn’t remember the way exactly as it had been four years since we were last there but my wife called her brother and he navigated us back onto the correct path!
Taking lots more pictures of the stunning views (even though they had added an enclosed football field at the top of the hill which occupied the best spot) we passed the Riviera Hotel (which always looked to me like an old asylum) we arrived in Bowleaze cove, visited the cafe and amusements there then made our way back to the park.
We spent a few hours in the main entertainment room listening to the live band (Reservoir Rocks which were great) and i enjoyed a few Cobra Zero beers (the fact that they had alcohol free beers was great and made a change from coke!).

Saturday, our friend and I used our phones (which were working great now) to make our way to Portland (our friend wanted to wind up the locals about their rabbit superstition and to visit Portland Bill Lighthouse on the recommendation of her friend).
The walk up the lighthouse with a tour guide was very interesting and gave us all real insight into life as a lighthouse keeper and although the stairs were steep, we all made it to the top and gained a badge to commemorate the fact (the final set of stairs were more like a ladder than stairs!).
We then decided to visit the Sealife Centre not far from the park and enjoyed an hour wandering around peering into tanks and over fences at the animals inside.  I particularly enjoyed the underwater tunnel bit and saw sharks swimming literally over our heads! i then fell in love with a family of Otters! after visiting the gift shop and picking up a stuffed Otter, we made our way back to the caravan and watched a film.

Sunday was a day of rest, we were planning on swimming but we didn’t feel like it in the end, the weather wasn’t really warm enough and me and my wife had just got over a cold shortly before leaving Southampton and didn’t want to risk another one! we then drove to Bowleaze cove and ninja parked near Jordan Hill briefly to take pictures of the Roman Temple remains there.

And then the end of holiday was upon us, we cashed in our tickets and got matching starfish keyrings, had an evening meal and made our way back to the caravan to pack.

We left early the following morning, made our way home without incident, had a coffee together then our friend went home, we walked our other friend home and then spent time with our little kitty Milo while catching up on our series from the week.

That was our holiday! now depending on what happens next year, we have time to think about our next one (I just hope it is not four years time like this was! 🙂



Back from honeymoon and time just flies!

I’ve been back from Honeymoon in Weymouth for just over a week now, and in that time, I have bought Deus Ex:Human Revolution and put in WAY too long on it, been to one appointment and spent some time on the family history.

And that’s it.

The whole week just zipped by in a blur! I know they say that time speeds up the older you get but wow!.

Oh well, it was a good holiday anyway, not exactly ‘relaxing’ as we spent most of the time climbing up hills or sitting on a bus while I took pictures and videos of everything in sight like a typical tourist! (even though I should know better!).

Dorchester was really interesting, such history! dating back to the Roman occupation of Britain, I strongly recommend any readers to visit the Dorset County Museum and the Dorchester Roman Town House.

I got obsessed (again!) with the old Riviera hotel near Bowleaze Cove and took way too many pictures of it!.

We even managed to fit in a visit to Lyme Regis to visit family (over two hours by bus each way! ouch!).

Considering when we got to the site, the local bus dropped us off a mile downhill from the site even though the stop was named after the site (so assumed it was nearby?) after that lovely walk with all our bags after hours on a coach, we finally made it to the site itself..

To be greeted by a queue apparently consisting of every other holiday maker  there! I still don’t know what happened as I was busy raging and considering going home by this time!  My wife, bless her, volunteered to stand in the queue to check in while I sat with a drink and guarded the bags (she knows me too well!).

Eventually we got in the caravan before she told me that some of the weight I had been hauling around all day was bags of two pence pieces for the arcade machines! thanks hon!.

We missed the bank by five minutes to transfer some cash, so I thought “no problem!” I have my iPod! even though my password and details were correct, some sort of problem prevented me logging in with them also losing me my internet banking privileges and leaving us stranded with no cash at least until monday!.

not happy.

Apart from the first day’s drama, the rest went well, been feeling lazy since my return though, so may have to force myself to exercise more!.

Amazed myself that I went a week with no computer (only iPod and internet if we head to the entertainment centre) card/board games and podcasts!.

At least we managed to finally get through a whole game of illuminati for once on the day we were stuck indoors due to a storm outside!

Spent less than I thought I would in the arcade, but more than I should have!  must stick to air hockey and the tupenny sliders! (must stay away from the shooty ones and the “grabber” ones – don’t even get me started on how unfair THEY are!).  Shame we didn’t get on the Dodgems this time though!.